Design Guidelines for Grease Interceptors

In many jurisdictions, there is a lack of clear regulatory guidance concerning the effective pretreatment of grease laden wastewater from institutional and commercial food handling establishments. This document strives to provide a clarification of the field-proven performance of precast concrete gravity grease interceptors.
The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) has provided this document to clarify the basic principles of gravity grease interceptor operation and performance. The vision for this document is to be an informational tool that helps owners, specifiers and municipalities understand the most effective on-site process to remove grease and solids from commercial and industrial wastes. This document will discuss methods of achieving measurable, effective, efficient and safe grease/solids removal from wastewater.

Necessity of Grease Interceptors
The purpose of the gravity grease interceptor is to reduce the amount of Animal and Vegetable Fats, Oils and Greases (AVFOG or FOG) in wastewater to acceptable levels as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Precast concrete gravity grease interceptors should be provided with easy access for maintenance, be sized to hold large quantities of grease (to reduce pumping/cleanout costs)
and be outdoors to facilitate easy inspection and reduce the possibility of food contamination during cleanout.
Solidified grease can cause sewer blockages and overflows that pose unnecessary health hazards as raw sewage backs up into residence or commercial establishments. A properly plumbed and maintained grease interceptor will protect sewer systems from these occurrences. Municipalities continue to require food establishments and other FOG generators to pretreat their grease-laden waste streams through the use of interceptors to protect the sewer  system. Non-conforming establishments can face fines and the associated costs for blockages, overflows and cleanup.

Grease Interceptor

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