(PDF) Kitchen Design Guide

Halton design guide for indoor air climate in commercial kitchens

The commercial kitchen is a unique space where many different HVAC applications take place within a single environment. Exhaust, supply, transfer, refrigeration, building pressurisation and air conditioning all must be considered in the design of most commercial kitchens. It is obvious that the main activity in the commercial kitchen is the cooking process. This activity generates heat and effluent that must be captured and exhausted from the space in order to control odour and thermal comfort. The kitchen supply air, whether mechanical or transfer or a combination of both, should be of an amount that creates a small negative pressure in the kitchen space. This will avoid odours and contaminated air escaping into surrounding areas. Therefore the correct exhaust air flow quantity is
fundamental to ensure good system operation, thermal comfort and improved IAQ. Similar considerations should be given to washing-up,
food preparation and serving areas. Go for our Kitchen Design Guide (PDF).

Kitchen Design Guide



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