Vacuum Technology Fundamentals

Vacuum Technology


Vacuum Technology is a great deal has transpired since the final reprint of the previous edition of Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology appeared in 1987. LEYBOLD has in the meantime introduced a number of new developments in the field. These include the dry-running ALL×ex chemicals pump, the COOLVAC-FIRST cryopump systems with quick regeneration feature, turbomolecular pumps with magnetic bearings, the A-Series vacuum gauges, the TRANSPECTOR and XPR mass spectrometer transmitters, leak detectors in the UL series, and the ECOTEC 500 leak detector for refrigerants and many other gases. Moreover, the present edition of the “Fundamentals” goes into much greater detail on some topics. Among these are residual gas analyses at low pressures, measurement of low pressures, pressure monitoring, open- and closed-loop pressure control, and leaks and their detection. Included for the first time are the sections covering the devices used to measure and control the application of coatings and uses for vacuum technology in the coating process.

Naturally LEYBOLD’s “Vacuum Technology Training Center” at Cologne was dependent on the invaluable support of numerous associates in collating the literature on hand and preparing new sections; I would like to expressly thank all those individuals at this juncture. A special word of appreciation is due the Communications Department for its professional contribution in preparing this document for publishing. Regrettably Dr. Hermann Adam, who at one time compiled the very first version of the “Fundamentals”, did not live to see the publication of this edition. Though he had been in retirement for many years, he onetheless labored over the corrections and editing of this current edition until shortly before his death. I hope that this volume will enjoy a response as favorable as the previous version.

Revised and compiled by Dr. Walter Umrath with contributions from:

Dr. Hermann Adam  , Alfred Bolz, Hermann Boy, Heinz Dohmen,
Karl Gogol, Dr. Wolfgang Jorisch, Walter Monning,
Dr. Hans-Jurgen Mundinger, Hans-Dieter Otten, Willi Scheer,
Helmut Seiger, Dr. Wolfgang Schwarz, Klaus Stepputat, Dieter Urban,
Heinz-Josef Wirtzfeld, Heinz-Joachim Zenker

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